Toddler Nights

Nights with a toddler can be challenging….Sometimes toddlers don’t fall asleep very easily or readily. Sometimes they fall asleep easily but then wake up frequently.  Sometimes they fall asleep easily but then wake up for a period of hours during the night and then go back to sleep.

The one thing you can count on in toddler nights is that it will change every night!

Many mothers ask about night weaning their toddlers, or how to get their toddlers to sleep longer. Here are some outside resources about toddler sleeping and toddler nights that you might find helpful for you and your family.  You are the expert on your family, so take what works for you and your situation:

  • Night Weaning, 12 Alternatives For The All- Night Nurser from Dr. Sears:
  • Night Terrors from Dr. Sears: (This link may not be working, but perhaps if you search the Dr. Sears website it will come up).
  • The Dangers of Sleep Training:
  • Elizabeth Pantley’s Eight Sleep Tips For Every Child (although I quibble if 70 percent of children under the age of 5 have sleep problems, then perhaps fractured sleep is actually normal, but that is just a quibble!  See the sleep article by Katherine Dettwyler below.)
  • One of my favorite articles by Katherine Dettwyler, PhD in Anthropology, about sleeping through the night:
  • Why Nurse Toddlers, also by Katherine Dettwyler, PhD:

These are some of the links I have found helpful over the years, and I hope you will enjoy them as well.

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