Quick Responses To Sibling Rivalry, New Baby In The House and More

I wanted to bring up a few quick responses for your consideration to some of the questions generated by our review of Chapter Four – “Kids Versus Kids” from the book, “Love and Anger:  The Parental Dilemma.” Regarding Sibling Rivalry: I have written some back posts regarding sibling rivalry in general. My two favorites are […]

Some Ideas Regarding Sibling Relationships

I had such a lovely response from all of you mothers from this post:  https://theparentingpassageway.com/2011/05/07/quick-responses-to-sibling-rivalry-new-baby-in-the-house-and-more/, which was generated by Chapter Four “Kids Versus Kids” in our chapter by chapter look at the book, “Love And Anger:  The Parental Dilemma”. I have talked to many mothers locally and on-line regarding sibling relationships.  It is all well and […]