Toddler Nights

Nights with a toddler can be challenging….Sometimes toddlers don’t fall asleep very easily or readily. Sometimes they fall asleep easily but then wake up frequently.  Sometimes they fall asleep easily but then wake up for a period of hours during the night and then go back to sleep. The one thing you can count on […]

Normal Stages Of Sleep For The Child Ages 8-12

One of the most popular posts on this blog over the years has been this little post about normal sleep stages:  This actually is not my own personal favorite post on sleep.  My personal favorite is here: Normal stages in sleep, according to The Gesell Institute, include: Age 8: Can usually get ready for bed […]

Quick Responses To Sibling Rivalry, New Baby In The House and More

I wanted to bring up a few quick responses for your consideration to some of the questions generated by our review of Chapter Four – “Kids Versus Kids” from the book, “Love and Anger:  The Parental Dilemma.” Regarding Sibling Rivalry: I have written some back posts regarding sibling rivalry in general. My two favorites are […]

Some Ideas Regarding Sibling Relationships

I had such a lovely response from all of you mothers from this post:, which was generated by Chapter Four “Kids Versus Kids” in our chapter by chapter look at the book, “Love And Anger:  The Parental Dilemma”. I have talked to many mothers locally and on-line regarding sibling relationships.  It is all well and […]